This holiday season, lean into Nixon gift watch suggestions from the people who know the brand best... Nixon employees.

Looking for a Nixon gift for a friend, family member or significant other? We’re here to help you gift it good. Keep reading to see how Nixon employees are gifting Nixon watches this holiday season.

Gift Watch Employee Picks

The Consensus Selections


Nixon employees chose the Sentry as the best watch model to gift. From the Sentry Leather to the classic Sentry Chrono, these models look good and have solid features. The size and style of the watch make it a good gift idea for men and women, Nixon employees said.

Dominique Lester, a Customer Service Representative, suggested the Sentry Solar Leather in All Black / Gold because it’s “sleek, effortless and iconic. It's the perfect accessory to any outfit.”

While Nancy Dynan, the Nixon CEO, said, “The Sentry suits just about everyone. It comes in a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet and lots of different color combinations. And, you can personalize it with an engraving on the back. It's definitely a gift you'll keep forever.”

Nixon Time Teller


The second most common Nixon gift watch suggested by employees was the Time Teller in its many variations and styles, including the new Time Teller OPP.

For a woman in your life, we recommend going with the Small Time Teller. “The Small Time Teller is such a practical piece of jewelry because it matches everything. It’s comfortable to wear, and instantly elevates any outfit.”

Lissa Martinez, our End Customer Service Supervisor, suggests going with the Time Teller in Rose Gold as a gift for women this year. She says this Time Teller has a “large enough dial to make it readable but is still quite feminine in the Rose Gold.”

Nixon 51-30 Chrono

51-30 CHRONO

Other Nixon employees recommended the 51-30 Chrono as the best gift watch this year. Men are popular recipients of this watch due to its OG, oversized case.

Monika Barnett, the eComm Project Coordinator, put extra perspective into her recommendation. “The best gifts are things that they want, but wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. The 51-30 Chrono is that luxury gift that they've had their eye on, but haven't taken the leap to snag for themselves.”

The 51-30 Chrono is a staple Nixon watch and one of the most collectible, making it the perfect gift for fans of the brand or newcomers.

The Unique Choices

Nixon Ripley Watch


If you’re looking for a gift watch for someone who likes extra intel in the outdoors or in their day-to-day, the Ripley is definitely worth considering. Erin Reagan, the eComm Site Manager, recommends the Ripley because of its versatility. And she’s not wrong – with an analog and digital display, and temperature and altitude readings, the Ripley is among our most versatile watches.

Gold Nixon Spectra Watch


Need a watch for a more formal fit? Check out the Spectra, an Automatic watch with a dimensional design that stands out as a holiday gift. The transparent skeleton dial gives a view into the movement that powers the watch. Since it’s an Automatic, your movement powers the watch — no batteries needed.

Nixon High Tide


Christian Fry, Nixon’s Senior Global Production Coordinator, is looking at the High Tide as a gift watch for friends who surf on the regular. “It's the gift that keeps on giving. Give your favorite surfer the knowledge they need to have great sessions for years to come!”

Nixon 5th Element


The 5th Element is the second Automatic watch we’re recommending as a gift this year. Christian Walker, a Customer Service Representative, likes that this watch is an affordable Automatic movement watch that makes a thoughtful gift for significant others or dads.

Nixon Corporal


If none of these watches have hit the mark, and you’re looking for a watch for someone like a dad, grandfather or significant other, consider the Corporal. This is a baller gift idea for a few reasons, for example “the weight of the watch gives it some heft without it being overly bulky. It’s available in a variety of colors to match different personalities, and its durability can hold up to tough daily use without failing.”

The “Not-a-Watch-But-Still-a-Great-Nixon-Gift" Selections

Nixon Desperado Duffel


Looking for something other than a watch? Check out the Desperado Duffel II. Well-made with top-shelf leather, the Desperado is the perfect travel companion for significant others and anyone who stays on the go.

Nixon Wizard Stick


For a smaller gift with a big impact, several Nixon employees recommend the Wizard Stick. This beverage sling cooler is the perfect companion on outings of all varieties.

Erin Reagan says that it’s “great for a day at the golf course, beach or back yard BBQ in the summer. Fill it up and you have a perfect gift for someone.”