Increasing our sustainable practices is a central goal of the entire team at Nixon. One way we are doing that is by being mindful of the types of materials we use in our products.

The Time Teller OPP is a perfect example of this. We took a classic Nixon design and rebuilt it with recycled plastic to make the icon environmental and to leave the planet better than we found it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Time Teller OPP.

Behind the Design of the Time Teller OPP

The look of the Time Teller OPP is one that Nixon fans will immediately recognize. After all, the Time Teller is our most popular (and most remixed) watch model of all time.

The Time Teller OPP (Other People’s Plastic) was designed for a youthful consumer who wants affordable, approachable style without sacrificing their concerns for the environment. At the same time, its clean and comfortable design makes it ideal for a wide age range.

Wearing the Nixon Time Teller OPP

What Makes the Time Teller OPP Unique

It should be no surprise that the most unique feature of the Time Teller OPP is the “OPP”. OPP stands for “Other People’s Plastic” and it means that we’ve given a second life to post-consumer plastic that would otherwise just be waste.

The use of sustainable material isn’t the only thing we’ve changed with the Time Teller OPP. Compared to the original Time Teller, the Time Teller OPP is slightly larger. We added 2.5mm to the watch case to give it a fuller feel and to make sure that we could provide a 10ATM water rating.

The super comfortable silicone strap was designed for more intense active wear, too. Plus, the new quick-release watch strap connection makes it easy to customize your look.

Nixon Time Teller OPP Features