Caity gives a slice of life on surf trips, creative projects and influences.

Nixon team athlete Caity Simmers

Dropping into the global surf scene at young age, Caity Simmers’ fluid style and a punk-rock approach is the ultimate mashup. More than that, she chooses a distinct path in life that’s all her own. She cruises with the fam, travels the world and dives into creative video projects.

“When I go on these trips and get footage . . . It's more meaningful to me to make a cool video that someone will remember.”

Caity became the youngest person to earn a spot on the World Surf League's Championship Tour at the age of 16, but decided she wanted another year to pursue other opportunities. This year, she has yet again qualified and decided to accept the coveted spot on the tour. On top of all that, she is officially on her way to the infamous Pipe Masters. For Caity, this season is going to be heavy!

"I'm working on something . . . The world will find out . . . It’s still in the beginning stages."

Stoked to officially have Caity Simmers on the Nixon team, we hit her up for some insight (right after she won a heat at the US Open). Clearly on her own wavelength, she’s about to throw some style into our Team-Designed, Custom-Built program. Check out the full interview below.

So, you've been traveling and doing a lot of contests lately. Want to give a breakdown of the last month or two? It's been a lot.

I've been traveling everywhere. I went to Australia, then South Africa, Mexico and a lot of places. Now I'm finally home. It's been pretty nice.

Checking all the travel boxes. Was it your first time for any of those places?

Yeah, actually all of them were the first. I went to Australia for the first time, which was really cool. South Africa was my first time, and then I went to Tahiti. That was my first time. Yeah, Tahiti is really sick. I was right in front of Teahupo'o.

Caity Simmers' Top Picks

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Hauler 35L Backpack

What’s your favorite place to surf in the US and your favorite place to surf abroad?

My favorite place to surf of all time is Oceanside pier. You really can't beat Indo, especially when I went there. Those waves are perfect. Other than that, a beach break barrel anywhere is good enough for me.

“It started with me not really liking how people would edit my surfing. I was like, ‘Okay, I'll try it myself.’”

You make surf videos like “Crust” and “Refund” by filming, editing and adding music. What all goes into that? Do you see filmmaking as becoming a creative focus for yourself?

It started with me not really liking how people would edit my surfing. I was like, “Okay, I'll try it myself.” Then, I started really liking it and doing it a lot. When I go on these trips and get footage, I don't want it to just be an Instagram reel and last two days. It's more meaningful to me if I make a cool video that someone will remember more. One that can be put on YouTube or wherever. It'll last longer than Instagram.

One hundred percent. You're really smart to do that. So, your siblings surf? How's it growing up with everybody cruising with you and the family vibes?

Yeah, my brother surfs. He's right over there. We definitely are pretty competitive. He's kind of my best friend. He's also my worst enemy. We’re into the same things. I surf with him every day. Yeah, I love him.

Is any of your progression being pushed from your brother who is out there with you?

Yeah dude, my brother and I are always trying to keep up with each other. When you're surfing by yourself, you don't really have anything to compare yourself to—which is good, but if I see my brother do something, I want to do better than that. That has definitely pushed me. We just have fun. I mean, I'm saying this but it's just fun. It definitely helps push me, though.

Do you push or influence each other outside of surfing?

My brother and I skate a lot. He's also into editing. We're into the same music. He'll show me a song for an edit, then I'll help him with something. We definitely skate a lot, though. So, that has helped with surfing, for sure.

Did your brother have anything to do with the “Crust” and “Refund” videos?

Actually, “Refund” he was a big part of it. He helped me pick one of the songs and then he helped me edit it because he's a really creative guy. He had some clips in it. Yeah, he's kind of a star of the Handycam because he didn't even get any of me, so I was just filming him.

When you're not surfing or skating, what's next on the hobby list?

I mean, I do the editing thing. I'll snowboard once in a while in the winter. I kind of just cruise around Oceanside, I guess.

That's good, though. You're busy, so enjoy the downtime. What's up with the purple on the surfboard? I’ve seen it a couple times now, so it's a thing at this point.

It's kind of a thing. I don't really like an aggressive coloring on a board, but I like an identifier. I do like a light color though, whatever it is. I've tried some different colors and the only one I kind of like is purple. I don't like loud colors and I don't like plains, so that's why I settled.

It's dope, right in the middle. Alright, what's up with the music? Who are you listening to you right now? What kind of music in general do you like?

I really have been liking The Smashing Pumpkins. You can feel every emotion when you're listening to one of their albums. They have so many different types of songs. I also like the Breeders. Then I love this Aussie chick named Courtney Barnett.

“I try to find artists. I do a lot of deep Spotify dives. I listen to a bunch of random stuff, mostly garage rock.”

Nixon team athlete Caity Simmers surfs
How did you hear about her?

I didn't even know. I try to find artists. I do a lot of deep Spotify dives. I listen to a bunch of random stuff, mostly garage rock. But I kind of do it all. You know when you scroll down, and then click on similar artists. That's how I find the songs for my edits.

Cruising, stumbling into something and then putting an edit to it. That's rad. How about your all-time favorite surf movie?

It’s probably “Chapter 11” from Dane Reynolds, or Modern Collective. That one is pretty sick. A lot of people like “Chapter 11,” but they like it for a reason—because it's one of the best.

How about a normal movie? Do you watch normal movies?

It's been Forrest Gump for a while. But I have a new one that I watched with my friend. It’s called Thelma and Louise. That one is badass. Forrest Gump is my all-time, but Thelma and Louise is my recent favorite.

Those are both legit. Any random future projects that the world doesn't know about that you're trying to work on?

Yeah, I'm working on something . . . the world will find out. I'm going to try to do some free surf trips. I just did a trip for it . . . Hopefully it comes together . . . It's still in the beginning stages.

You have a little time right now though. How did the relationship with Nixon start? Did you have a background affinity for the brand or did somebody reach out?

I definitely knew about it because John John [Florence] is obviously one of my favorite surfers. He was on it. I was like, “Mm-hmm, okay . . .” Then obviously Nora [Vasconcellos] is an absolute G. She got on it. Then something sparked a conversation, and here we are!